Terms & conditions and privacy policy

1. So once the user signs up he/she can search user by providing details (like Gender, Age, Color, Height, Religion, Caste etc. and sorting by distance) for dating or chatting or video calling (each time a separate room will be created for this purpose 2 person in a room)

2. Main thing, If any promoter wants to promote his brand or product he can do so by posting image in (50 rooms for $2, 100 rooms for $4) so when the users are set for chatting they will be 1st shown with an image and after seeing or closing only the user can be able to date.

3.Advertisers will visit the website's "advertise" page, to set up their advertisement to start to display.

4.A notification message which be generated that will tell them their ad is waiting for rooms to open to show to.

5. When there are not enough rooms at the time the advertiser wants to display their image (Since they need at least 50 rooms to display it to)Automatically start showing the ad, when 50 rooms become available. Until 50 rooms are available, stand on queue and wait.

6. Notification message which tells the webcam chat searcher, their area lacks users at "this" time, so either keep searching for a partner, or come back later. A BELL should sound when someone matches on video . They can start chatting once they do match up.

7.Free to video chat 3 times, per 24 hours of time No login or signup needed for free use.

8.If video session lasts less than 15 seconds, do not count as use up. video session must last more than 15 seconds to count as use up .

9.If they want to webcam or chat more than that, $13 per month as member. Monthly membership fee recur. Customer bank info storing.

10. Each time the user signs up a *sharing link* will be generated and once user share it to anyone and he signs up, the sharer will get $3 for it and so on.

11.Do implement a payment system that pays us $3 per membership sale. Out of The $13 membership (or out of the $10, if a sharerer is earning. The sharer earns $3 as well) we should get paid $3 per each membership sale.

There can be three types of chat rooms creation for matching as per the client's requirement like :

A. If they want Casual meet then they will be map with casual meetup searchers.

B.If they want Long romance meet then they will map with long romance searchers.

C. Just anything/single searchers meet with anyone.

And the last could be

A. May be login through social media is required.

B. I have all privacy policy and terms of use document.

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